Carol Anne Grotrian

Perfect Picture Piecing (1-day)

Student Supply List



Mechanical pencil with Soft leads (B or HB) or soft-leaded pencil
Colored pencil to mark dark fabrics
Pencil sharpener
Sharpie pen - Fine Point (not Ultra Fine)

Scissors for paper
Ruler 18” (Cthru easiest to use)
Cellophane (Scotch) tape
Large envelope to store pattern pieces
9” x 11” piece of fine grit sandpaper glued to a 9” x 11” piece of cardboard


Fabric: your choice of solids, commercial prints, and or hand dyes

Note: We’ll be working on a pieced landscape top about 15” x 24” based on templates (patterns)

I’ll provide to incorporate many piecing techniques. Sky fabric and the bottom fabric (beach, grass

or ground depending on your imagination) needs to be at least 22” wide. For the rest, fat quarters

or smaller pieces will work.


You’ll need a variety of water and foliage fabrics, something cheery for an

umbrella & tablecoth, also beach colors. Different scale patterns (large and small) and a range of

value (light to dark) will help. Fabric with photographic images are often less successful than those

patterns that remind you of pebbles or grass, etc.


See for samples based on the pattern we’ll be using.


sewing machine (optional if you wish to focus on hand piecing)
back up sewing machine needle


small scissors (sharp to the point to snip curves)
larger scissors for fabric
thread- light, medium, and dark grey, cotton or poly cotton
needles-sharps, size your preference
thimble (opt)
straight pins
pin cushion
seam ripper


If you have any questions, contact Carol Anne at info@]]

or 857-253-1904. For more information, see