Carol Anne Grotrian

Spirit Cloth Workshop (4-5 Days)

Student Supply List


For indigo dyeing:

4-5 yds or more of washed, untreated, 100% cotton, linen or silk.

(Note: PFD or "prepared for dyeing" fabric is not required but guarantees the best results.)

Thread: Button & Carpet Thread (stronger than regular sewing thread)
Waxed dental floss, any flavor

Sewing needles, thimble if you use one

Embroidery-sized scissors with pointed blades (not your best) or thread snips
Clothes pins, paper clips

A couple of plastic bags

A small bucket (1-2 gallon if possible)

A couple of wine corks or pink pearl erasers
A few rubber bands (especially small ones, eg. tiniest for hair or for braces)
A few pebbles, beans or marbles
Masking tape


a PVC pipe, 24" long, 1 1/2" to 3" diameter

(if leftover from plumbing project, outside surface needs to be smooth, non perforated)

twine, preferably cotton
an old towel


For making the spirit cloth:

small sketch pad
pencil, eraser
rotary cutter
cutting board
ruler (c-thru best)


sewing machine & back up sewing machine needle (optional if you'd prefer working more slowly by hand)
scissors (sharp to the point to snip curves)
thread- light, medium, and dark blue cotton or poly cotton
straight pins
seam ripper


Students should wear old clothes and bring rubber gloves to the class. Both “Playtex”

and lighter weight surgical types are useful. Please bring any interesting shibori or indigo

fabrics you’d like to share.


There is a $15.00 materials fee, payable to the instructor. If you have questions, contact

Carol Anne at or 857-253-1904. Also see