Carol Anne Grotrian

Fabric Stamping Workshop (1-day)

Student Supply List



Fabric pre-washed & ironed and cut into 8” squares:

1. plain muslin and/or light colored prints or light colored solid cottons:

about 20 squares (more for experimenting optional)
2. a few squares of dark solids or dark prints


Other Materials:

2 white plastic erasers (Magic Rub, Mars Staedler)

Exacto knife with sharp blade (not a utility knife)

Soft leaded pencil with fresh eraser

newsprint pad, 9” x  12” (okay but not necessary; inexpensive from art store, Michaels, etc)
OR a couple of magazines and some sheets of typing paper

Cheap watercolor brush

Foam brushes (one about 1" wide, extras in other widths if you wish)

Q Tips (a couple dozen or so)

A push pin


Scissors (not your best)

A ruler (6" best, C-thru rulers are great)

Rubber gloves (light weight surgical disposables best)

Large plastic trash bag (to protect table)

A roll of paper towels


Straight pins or t-pins (a couple dozen)

Small bottle white glue (Sobo for fabric is best but any will do)


“Found objects” to use as stamps (a key, spool, fork, shell, a vegie, bubblewrap, circular shapes--use your imagination!)

A leaf or two (fresh, not dried, indoor or outdoor, look for shape and texture, eg. fern, maple)


Note: Wear old clothes.


I’ll bring inks, materials to make stamp pads and supplies for experimenting with other types of stamps.

The materials fee is $5.


Contact Carol Anne if you have questions at or 857-253-1904. Check the teaching sections of my website for more information and examples of student work: