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Have you ever finished a beautiful quilt top and then got stumped by the next step--the quilting itself? Students in this workshop will discover the exciting ways quilting lines can bring out the best in those lovely quilt tops, whether traditional or contemporary in design.


The class will create a variety of samples but if you have an unfinished quilt top just waiting to be finished, this is the perfect opportunity to create a quilting design for it. Definitely bring it to class. If it is layered and basted with batting and backing, you can get started right away!


Simple exercises will guide you through a wide range of quilting patterns, from geometric to free form, as you learn about the expressive potential of simple quilting lines. You'll see how choosing a quilting design can add the perfect note that will make your top sing. This workshop is especially appropriate for, but not limited to picture quilts, which often require free form quilting designs.


Transferring the design to the quilt top is the next step. Students will experiment with various methods that do not involve marking the top with pencil or pen. Many tips and techniques will be offered and shared.

There will be an opportunity to experiment with and compare hand and machine quilting. We'll discuss how choice of thread, batting and backing can affect the quilt design.


Please note: this workshop focuses on design and marking techniques. It does not focus on teaching the basic techniques of hand or machine quilting.



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