We’ll be working on a pieced landscape top about 15” x 24” based on templates (patterns) I’ll provide to incorporate many piecing techniques. The project is carefully designed to gradually lead students from the simplest seams to increasingly complex piecing. The beginner will be supported throughout; the more experienced will have an opportunity to refocus on technique, hear new tips and also be challenged
Piecing Sample 1
We'll still savor some of the fun of choosing fabrics in a group setting, where sharing fabric and opinions is a classroom pleasure. However, reviewing fabrics before coming to class allows more time for piecing in the limited time of a one-day workshop. To facilitate the process, I'm including sample images of the pattern we'll be using. The samples include hand dyed fabric, printed fabric and solids.
Piecing Sample 2
Here are guidelines for choosing fabric: Sky fabric and the bottom fabric (beach, grass or ground depending on your imagination) needs to be at least 22” wide. For the rest, fat quarters or smaller pieces will work. You’ll need a variety of water and foliage fabrics, something cheery for an umbrella & tablecoth, also beach colors. Different scale patterns (large and small) and a range of value (light to dark) will help. Fabric with photographic images are often less successful than those patterns that remind you of pebbles or grass, etc.
Piecing Gray Sample

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